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Earthwatch aligns with organizations that share our mission to protect and restore the natural world while promoting human-wildlife coexistence through education and scientific research.


We work side-by-side with our partners to address urgent environmental issues, collect critical data, and empower students, teachers, community members, and members of the public to be sustainability leaders in their classrooms and communities.

Over the last few decades, we have achieved incredible results in working with our foundation partners, with a focus on our education and research programs.



In the last ten years alone, we have provided more than 1,500 students and teachers with the opportunity to work alongside scientists in field research locations around the world. Each of these participants fellows represents hundreds of data points collected, a leader empowered to take action, and a voice speaking out for change.


We also work with foundations who are interested in supporting our research directly. Together we address a number of pressing environmental issues, including climate change, habitat loss and degradation, air and plastic pollution, endangered species, and urban resilience.

Through our partnerships, foundations have a meaningful influence, change lives, and contribute to critical environmental research.


Earthwatch Project Kindle fellowship
Ignite fellows have banded and weighed owl nestlings and taken tree and habitat measurements to identify the impact of climate change on forest owl breeding in Utah.
After their week in the field, Girls in Science fellows report an increased interest in scientific careers, greater confidence in their ability to build things and perform advanced science, and a heightened curiosity about how machines and electronics work.


We are continually looking for ways to help solve today's educational and environmental challenges. Our work with Earthwatch helps to expand the learning experience, improve the lives of young people, and build stronger communities.

Ed White — Executive Director of the National Grid Foundation


Our citizen science-fueled research expeditions allow scientists to study and combat urgent environmental issues around the globe, including climate change, habitat loss, pollution, and loss of biodiversity.
Earthwatch is working to support the creation of green urban environments through a series of urban resiliency programs.
K-12 teachers of any discipline may apply for a full or partially funded Teach Earth fellowship, a professional development experience like no other. You’ll join a team of educators on an Earthwatch expedition and conduct real-world research alongside working scientists, and return with the teaching tools and confidence to make science come to life in your classroom.


Support Impactful Programs

Since our founding in 1971, Earthwatch programs have facilitated groundbreaking discoveries, shaped environmental policies, promoted corporate sustainability, and transformed science education around the world. Your foundation can demonstrate its commitment to sustainability or science education by sponsoring scientific research or supporting one of our education programs.


Empowering the STEM Leaders of Tomorrow

To support a generation of motivated youth and usher in a new era of action, teachers need more high-quality professional development opportunities that offer genuine experience in science, and students need more opportunities to not just “learn” science, but to actively participate in real science that has an impact. Earthwatch’s education programs fill these gaps for students and teachers from underserved schools.

The demand for our programs is extremely high. We routinely receive 10 to 20 times more applications than we have funded opportunities. With your support, we can expand and strengthen these programs, allowing more teachers and students to access these transformative experiences.




Ignite is an immersive, experiential learning opportunity for high school students from underserved schools and communities that has helped to inspire a passion for STEM in teens. Students in this program join leading scientists on 12- to 14-day field research expeditions around the U.S. Through this experience, they gain practical insight into the scientific process, preparing them to engage more deeply with their science curriculum back in the classroom.

Girls in Science

Girls in Science provides high school-aged girls from underserved schools and communities with the opportunity to field on a 7-day research expedition led by female scientists. This program is designed to provide mentorship and support to young women and foster their interest in STEM fields. While on their expedition, learning facilitators guide the young women through additional skill-building exercises to improve confidence and help them share their own stories of science.

Teach Earth

Teach Earth is a hands-on, professional development program that gives teachers the opportunity to participate in valuable scientific research. Teachers work with a facilitator to translate their field experience into a lesson plan they can use in their own schools and communities. The aim of this program is to improve science and environmental education across the country.

Project Kindle

Project Kindle provides highly motivated teachers with the training and experience they need to bring a group of their students into the field. While on one of Earthwatch’s expeditions the teachers receive training on how to recruit students, communicate with parents, and set up scholarships. This program ensures more teachers have the tools and support they need to organize immersive hands-on science experiences for their students.


Sustainable Cities and Communities

As the effects of climate change intensify across the globe, we must create healthy and sustainable cities and communities. Earthwatch is working to support the creation of green urban environments through a series of urban resiliency programs. By working with leading scientists, local communities, and partner organizations, Earthwatch partners with community members to collect critical environmental data related to green infrastructure, trees, water quality, temperature, and air quality. This data helps to answer relevant research questions and influence positive change.

By supporting these programs, your organization can make an impact on urban sustainability and local resilience to climate change.

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Research Sponsorship

Our citizen science-fueled research expeditions allow scientists to study and combat urgent environmental issues around the globe, including climate change, habitat loss, pollution, and loss of biodiversity. In nearly 30 countries, these projects inform real-world impacts through community outreach, policy changes, and conservation initiatives. Contributions from our volunteers do not fully cover the costs of running these programs, leaving us to fundraise the remaining amount.

With your support, we can ensure these leading scientists continue to collect essential data while providing an immersive education experience to the public, teens, students, and teachers. Your funding could contribute to the basic costs of running a research project, provide essential equipment upgrades, or could allow scientists to add a new avenue of research to their project.





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