31 Oct.

We are the best Guardians of the Forest

Indigenous peoples represent 4% of the global population, yet protect more than 80% of the world’s biodiversity (source: World Bank)

Empowering forest peoples to continue their historical role as stewards of the environment is not only essential for stabilizing Earth’s climate, it is also necessary to achieve the global goals of sustainable development, food security, and poverty alleviation.
Forests have a much better chance of being preserved when they are owned and managed by indigenous peoples and local communities with strong rights.
According to a study conducted by the Rights and Resources Institute when local communities and Indigenous Peoples lack formal and legal recognition of their land rights, they are vulnerable to dispossession and loss of their identities, livelihoods, and cultures and pressures increase as governments issue concessions for forestry, industrial agriculture, large-scale mining and oil and gas production on community lands.

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    VIDEO SOURCE: If Not Us, Then Who? https://ifnotusthenwho.me/films/