06 Nov.

Video: indigenous leaders take their message to London

Cándido Mezúa, leader of the Emberá people of Panama, speaks during the Guardians of the Forest press conference at the London Royal Society, United Kingdom “We indigenous peoples see with great sadness and concern that billions of dollars are being invested in...
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05 Nov.

Symbolic action and stories of resistance in Berlin

The Guardians of the Forest agenda in Berlin was full of events on November 1st Parallel to the press conference where evidence of the role that indigenous peoples and local communities play as a proven solution to climate change was presented, delegates from the...
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02 Nov.

Guardians of the Forest Vlog: Brussels

Brussels was the second stop in the Guardians of the Forest Tour, on the road to COP23. Follow their route to the European Parliament! Guardians Of The Forest is a coalition of indigenous and community leaders from Mesoamerica, Amazonia and Indonesia who travel across...
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A day in the forest: climate camp

« we have come this far, we won’t turn around, we’ll flood the streets with justice now, we are freedom bound » This is the song that received the Guardians of the Forest delegation on their visit to the Climate Movement Camp near Utrecht, Amsterdam.; After touring...
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31 Oct.

We are the best Guardians of the Forest

Indigenous peoples represent 4% of the global population, yet protect more than 80% of the world’s biodiversity (source: World Bank) Empowering forest peoples to continue their historical role as stewards of the environment is not only essential for stabilizing...
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28 Oct.

Guardians of the Forest Vlog: Cologne

Meet the indigenous leaders and community members on the bus! Watch the first vlog of the Guardians of the Forest tour in Cologne, Germany. Mina Setra Dayak Pompakng Leader, Indonesia Candido Mezúa, Embera Leader, Panama Ginger Sánchez, ACOFOP Communicator, Guatemala...
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27 Oct.

Guardians of the Forest: Alliances in France

The Guardians of the Forest arrived yesterday in Paris, where they held meetings with Nicolas Hulot, Minister of Ecological Transition and Inclusion of the French Government, and Carole Bonnard, Vice-President of the French National Assembly. The leadership of...
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