More than 30 leaders from the Amazon, Mesoamerica, Indonesia and Brazil will visit Klamath to share our stories of hope and struggle with the Yurok people.

In the week ahead of the Global Climate Action Summit and of calling on the world to preserve the life of the planet, the #GuardiansoftheForest will visit the Yoruk Tribe in Klamath, California to share experiences and learn about the successful carbon forestry program of the Yurok people and the Government of California have undertaken; as well as the forest fire program co-managed with the California Environmental Protection Agency.

Through the carbon initiative, the Yuroks have committed to preserving more than 8,000 acres of their forest land for 100 years. Currently, more than 800,000 carbon offset credits have been issued with which the Yurok communities have been able to survive, recover their territories, and contribute to the mitigation of climate change.

The Yurok people have combined their traditional knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to support the Government of California’s strategy to prevent and manage forest fires.