02 Nov.

A day in the forest: climate camp

« we have come this far,

we won’t turn around,

we’ll flood the streets with justice now,

we are freedom bound »

This is the song that received the Guardians of the Forest delegation on their visit to the Climate Movement Camp near Utrecht, Amsterdam.;
After touring different cities and talking at meeting rooms, making a presentation circle around a campfire in a clear inside a small pine forest was a very different sensation for the delegates. Suddenly they felt more relaxed, more in confidence, and little by little the magic of a reunion between European militants against climate change and the community leaders of the tropical forests was felt.

Climate Change Camp. Amsterdam, Netherlands. October 29, 2017

They shared with us a series of tools they use to work, for example, the use of sign language to communicate with each other during meetings. The panel that followed, where Cándida Derek from the Miskitu people (Honduras), Mina Setra from the Dayak Pompakng people (Indonesia), Olo Villalaz from the Guna people (Panama), Mark Rivas from the Miskitu people (Nicaragua) and Carol González from the Cubeo people (Colombia) ) gave their testimony about the reality of what is happening in their territories, strengthened a very special connection, not only with the European militants, but also among the delegates.
Carol, in particular, told us how the story of Mina, who played with her brothers in a canoe on the river in North Kalimantan reminded her of her own experience playing in the river near her village in Colombia, where one of her favorite activities was getting lost in the forest.
The vegetarian lunch, was a first opportunity to mix with the participants and share experiences, despite the language difficulties. In the afternoon different work spaces were proposed, some in the form of dialogue spaces, although there was also a dialogue of drums around the fire and also a walk in the forest.
Time passed fast, and nobody wanted to leave! We have been invited to take action against the coal mines that are still active in Germany, near the COP23 site.

Climate Change Camp. Amsterdam, Netherlands. October 29, 2017